The reality of migration, given its new dimensions in our age of globalization, needs to be approached and managed in a new, equitable and effective manner; more than anything, this calls for international cooperation and a spirit of profound solidarity and compassion.

Pope Francis*

Welcome to the campaign Dignity has no nationality:

An artistic response to a recent shift in world culture, Dignity has no nationality aims to change public perception on immigration and redress the assault to the citizenship rights of undocumented migrants throughout the globe.

Intended to be a durational work, Dignity has no nationality is a letter-writing campaign created to collect signatures to be presented to Pope Francis, the first Latin American Bishop of Rome, in support of his message against indifference towards immigrants. Pope Francis has spread a message built on humility. He is reaching out to immigrants who face numerous hurdles in their search for a better life and a safe home. This is a purpose we share.

The slogan "Dignity has no nationality" emerged from the Migrant Manifesto developed by Immigrant Movement International for the United Nations Student Conference on Human Rights in 2011, and which stipulates that it is through the acknowledgement of the inalienable rights of people that we can have a true barometer of civilization. This campaign takes as its visual identity the Pangea supercontinent that existed in prehistoric times, approximately 300 million years ago, before it broke apart to form the seven continents, and long before borders between nation-states were established.

By calling Vatican City a "conceptual nation," Dignity has no nationality requests the Pope extend Vatican citizenship, as a concept and as a legal right, to undocumented immigrants, and with this action that he bring the continents back together.

Please sign the petition and join the Dignity has no nationality campaign.

* Pope Francis, “Pope's message for World Day of Migrants and Refugees,” September 24, 2013, in News.VA, online at http://www.news.va/en/news/popes-message-for-word-day-of-migrants-and-refugee, accessed on June 13, 2014.